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Adarsh Learner
CSE, KNIT Sultanpur

I am Adarsh Learner, a senior undergraduate in Computer Science and Engineering at Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology Sultanpur. I am broadly interested in Machine Learning, Full Stack Web Development and their applications. I love exploring and learning about new interesting things. My motto in life "Learning Is Earning" (-Adarsh Learner). I'm also extremely interested in solving puzzles and algorithmic challenges, which guided me to the world of competitive programming and I wanna change everything in virtual.

Apart from Academics, I enjoy spending time playing (and learning to play) outdoor sports. Currently, I consider myself decent in Table Tennis,Squash and football.

For more details on the academic front, have a look at my resume.


Successfully Qualified Capegemini Tech Challange Code Round

Participated as a Adarsh Learner (KNIT , Sultanpur)

Successfully Qualified Capegemini Tech Challange Tech Round

Participated as a Adarsh Pandey (KNIT , Sultanpur)


Mr.Hot Web Development Internship

Mr.Hot Web Development Internship




Flipshope Internship

Mr.Hot Web Development Internship


Netcamp Pvt. Ltd.



May '19 2017 - On going

  • It's a project on which I'm working with Mozilla guys.MozUI solves problem of many users who have not better experience of web page surfing on Firefox and other browsers. Basically it's an UI framework which will help developers to make a webpage which is browser independent and provides best user experience to all users.It'll contain some other advance components which is not provided in other amazing UI frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap, Flat UI, and Ionic. There are many more but we can list all here.You can know moreby going through project repository.

Aug '5 2017 - On going

  • It's my final year project.It's like a advance app store but you don't need to pay to upload and download apps here.It's also a ML based app manager which will suggest you best apps accordingto your cell phone capability.It's React based app.


Dec '20 - On going

  • Project aimed at distribution of Internet according to access criteria of users.Your Internet speed in your hand.

Dec '5 - On going

  • Project aimed to provide a platform where Problem Setters can come and submit problems.According to their problem rating they will be payed off.

Dec '15 - Dec '25

  • Project aimed at Encryption and decryption of data applying some custom algorithms.It's group project.Here we've PAM (Pandey Adarsh Manish) , MODSE(Modular For Software Engineering) our custom algorithms for Encryption and Decryption.It's combination of amazing algorithms like AES , DES and Triple DES.

Other Minor Projects

  • Developing a bot for my Virtual world.
  • Developed a bot to analyse network traffic named 'Sharky'.
  • Developed a web application for Instant hiring Qckhire.in.
  • Developed a web application for online city news updates fdnews.in.



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